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Home for Thanksgiving

It's good to be home again, even for only a couple of days. It's a nice break from the school and hospital world...where it's go go go, stress stress stress. Father will be cooking many dishes and I can't wait to eat'em all! We went to a Levi's outlet thingy today and bought quite a few pairs of jeans and shirts. I have increased in size so it was imperative that I buy new pants, 90% of what I own cannot go around my waist...or it hurts when I do!

First game of my HABS vs Leafs tonight...1 out of 8 games they will play this season, 2 of which I will be watching live at the ACC! I can't wait! My 1st hockey game ever!!! And it happens to be one of the best, if not the best, rivalry in the NHL: Montreal vs Toronto!

I'm also very excited about the Raptors' season starting in November! Yay I can sport my authentic Mo Pete jersey this season!!!

I can't wait to start blogging periodically about Raptors and HABS games...and even the CFL playoffs with my Als in the hunt! All of my sports blogs can be found here.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone/anyone who reads my blogs! I hope you have many things to be grateful for as I do...not to mention the food we will be consuming this weekend!


Sometimes, all we need to do is breathe...


You would think that at this ungodly hour of quarter to 1am, 7 hours 'til my psych exam, little sleep this past weekend, and having yet to read the chapters required for the exam, I wouldn't be on blogging. Well I am...I even played my guitar today for a few minutes and I haven't touched that since I quit guitar lessons a couple of weeks ago.

I guess I need to do something other than constantly think about school, work, clinical, and then school again otherwise, I will go insane...or clinically depressed, whichever comes first. So, I'm trying to prevent that from happening.

I planned out my 1am-7am schedule:

For the next 2 hours, I will read chap. 10
The following hour will be used to read over Chap. 9 notes I made 3 weeks ago.
The next hour and a half will be used to review Chap. 9 and 10 powerpoint slides.
What time is it now? ......
Oh 5:30am...
Then I will pass out and go to bed for an hour or so.

After the psych exam, I have to go straight home and continue to work on my facilitation + eval feedback form.

Oh and write down some points for my 407 group we have something to discuss at our meeting.

This day is going to suck ass.

I need to keep reminding myself to do this shit