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My 1st day off

Today is a day I can breathe and rest my blister-filled feet! I don't have class, I don't have a shift, I don't have work, I don't have anywhere to go!

I was supposed to work a day shift today but after consulting with several of my peers and nursing colleagues who have advised me not to go, I went with the general consensus.

I have been working 5 days straight (including yesterday). I even had a headache the entire day yesterday at school. So I guess when my head starts aching, it's a sign for me to stop, rest, and relax.

To review this week's plan, click here.


Update [nursing]

What sleep?

I've started my 12 hour ...


Moving on...

Today is a day of studying. No more doing nothing. Enough of the procrastinating. It's time to act and stop thinking.


It's about damn time

It's been a few months since I've blogged on here. Now that school has commenced, I will continue to update the "public" with various going-ons in my life, if I ever find the time! As usual, I'll post an update if I were to blog on my other sites...such as entertainment, sports, etc. I don't plan on fixing up my blog site with fancy HTML codes, so don't expect any changes...except for maybe a profile pic later on.

Enough with the introductions and small talk, let's get down to what's been going on...

I'm pursuing guitar lessons again this year, with a different instructor this time. He's a great teacher and I think I'll finally figure out how to read notes again by the end of year!

I've been placed on an Inflammatory Bowel Disease unit for my nursing clinical rotation - there's going to be a lot to learn there. I'm semi-excited!

I went to see a play called MacHomer last week. It was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S! I've been wanting to see that show since I was 14'ish! I'm just glad I was able to before my lifetime. If you want more information about it, visit the MacHomer website

I am living in an apartment with my sibling once again this year, same apartment design as last year. The only difference is there's a really nice painting of a tree on the door, which I'm about to ruin by painting various fruits using children's paint! I've already painted 2 apples and 2 lemons. Hahaha

More to post soon...