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Update [To Do List]

So I just opened up a new blog site where I will layout my to do lists. I won't be making many "Updates" on this site since I don't plan on making many to do lists during the course of the year. I will make further edits and additions on as the summer progresses. Feel free to check out or comment on my list, especially if you think I may have forgotten to do something! Thanks in advance.


This list will be...


Blogger ΞЯІПП мІснЄΓΓЭ said...

you need to stop procrastinating...

and so do I !!!

16 April, 2006 00:04  
Blogger Emz said...

hahaha we have problems dude! major PROCRASTINATION problems!

16 April, 2006 11:02  
Blogger ΞЯІПП мІснЄΓΓЭ said...

i know... i am debating whether or not to go study or to have breakfast!

16 April, 2006 11:11  

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