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Reformatting - A Pain

I finally reformatted my PC after several months. I couldn't stand it being so slow after having tried to OC to 2.4Ghz from 1.8Ghz. I think I almost fried it because the deadly blue screen showed up for a while. I had to wait until it cooled down and I even reset my BIOS on the MOBO. Thankfully, I was able to reboot it and get it up and running again. So a few weeks later, here I am procrastinating my study time away to reformat my PC. I backed up all my files and hopefully nothing is missing. I am going to install Vista Transformation Pack to my newly installed XP so my computer will look fresh.

The worse part about reformatting is the stupid security upgrades for Windows XP. Not to mention, reinstall all my apps (and I've got tons of them). I guess my HDD was becoming very clustered though because I've been downloading happy the past few months, trying out new programs and such out of boredom.

Thank goodness for my iBook lappy! I have somewhere to browse while I await the painstaking process of reformatting, reinstalling, and rebooting!


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