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Updates [Nursing, Sports]

Day 6: Friday of 1st week of exams

Had to wake up...

Day 7: Game 1 of HABS vs 'Canes...I mean 2 days before Theory exam

Okay so obviously...

HABS win Game 1 vs 'Canes!



Theory exam was...

Game 2: HABS win in double OT!!!

Oh man....


Update [Nursing]

Day 5: The day after leadership exam

My teacher woke me...

Update [Nursing]

Leadership Exam Day

I finally wrote ...


Update [Sports, Nursing]


The Montreal Canadiens...

Day 3: The day before tomorrow

I am running...


Going to Montreal

I just bought Via Rail train tickets to Montreal in May, courtesy of my cousin in Florida (ex-Montrealer). I got a 50% discount coupon, which made it even sweeter! I'll be leaving on a Friday and coming back 9 days later. I'll have to figure out a way to still have fun and not spend money because I won't have any! I'll probably only have 150-200 bucks to use so I better use it wisely! Especially for all my favourite eating spots! If the HABS make the playoffs, it'll be even much sweeter! I'll get to wear my Saku Koivu jersey AND experience playoff atmosphere!

Update [Nursing]

Day 2: The following day

I have my 1st exam...


Update [Nursing]

Every day for the next 2 weeks...

I will be posting...


Update [To Do List]

So I just opened up a new blog site where I will layout my to do lists. I won't be making many "Updates" on this site since I don't plan on making many to do lists during the course of the year. I will make further edits and additions on as the summer progresses. Feel free to check out or comment on my list, especially if you think I may have forgotten to do something! Thanks in advance.


This list will be...

Happy Easter!

I wish everyone a Joyous Easter Celebration this weekend!

For all religious people, to immerse themselves in appreciation for Jesus' sacrifice for mankind

We must Rejoice, He is Risen!

I will probably watch Passion of the Christ again sometime this weekend so I can truly grasped what Jesus Christ did for me, and each and everyone of us.


Update [Nursing]

Blog about Procrastination - again?

This post is actually...

Old School (not the movie)

Here I am...


I want to travel so badly!

In order to make use of my studying time, I have been looking at world maps to see where I would like to travel. This is what I came up with. Next step: save LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of money!

Before I'm 27:
- Australia
- England
- Rome
- Paris
- Spain
- Cali
- Vancouver
- Las Vegas

Before I'm 33:
- Hawaii
- Guam
- Philippines
- Greece
- Switzerland
- Finland

Before I'm 45:
- Barbados
- Hong Kong
- Tokyo
- Thailand
- Egypt
- Galapagos Islands

Update [Entertainment]

Beatles Beatles Beatles

I'm chillin listening...


Update [Nursing]

Gotta love being a nurse

Today I received...


Reformatting - A Pain

I finally reformatted my PC after several months. I couldn't stand it being so slow after having tried to OC to 2.4Ghz from 1.8Ghz. I think I almost fried it because the deadly blue screen showed up for a while. I had to wait until it cooled down and I even reset my BIOS on the MOBO. Thankfully, I was able to reboot it and get it up and running again. So a few weeks later, here I am procrastinating my study time away to reformat my PC. I backed up all my files and hopefully nothing is missing. I am going to install Vista Transformation Pack to my newly installed XP so my computer will look fresh.

The worse part about reformatting is the stupid security upgrades for Windows XP. Not to mention, reinstall all my apps (and I've got tons of them). I guess my HDD was becoming very clustered though because I've been downloading happy the past few months, trying out new programs and such out of boredom.

Thank goodness for my iBook lappy! I have somewhere to browse while I await the painstaking process of reformatting, reinstalling, and rebooting!


Last night was chill

Last night was the first time in a long time I was chilling on my bed, laying down, watching television - typical Thursday lineup of the OC, CSI, and supposed to be ER - without any worries regarding school work. FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME! What does that tell me about my past month + of school? Hectic, stressful, busy, crazy, etc.

That was one of the first relaxing things I've done in a long while - I have missed slobbing and watching tv. Mind you, this doesn't mean that I plan a repeat performance of my life last summer - where all I did was lay on my couch back home, watch TV, play Anarchy Online, and literally do nothing. Since my last year in nursing is coming up, I will be much more productive than I was.


Update [Nursing, Sports, Entertainment]

It's Crunch Time!

NCAA basketball has "March Madness"...

Playoffs Time baby!

HABS are currently in 8th...

Da Vinci Code movie

I am looking forward...

Sleeping in: How I love thee!

Today was the first time I have slept in, in a very very long time. Every day for the past few months, I've had to wake up real early with the help of my alarm clocks. Today, screw my alarms and I woke up at 2:22pm. It felt good to see that time and not panic about it. I think the amont of hours of sleep I had last night has been the total amount I've had this past week!!!