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It's about damn time

I haven't written on here in so long and since my Performance Appraisal is due tomorrow morning at 7am, I think a new blog deserves to be posted, regardless if anyone reads this or not.

I have been real busy this semester - can't you tell? A lot of exciting events have occurred for me. Let's just bullet them:
  • I saved up enough money during the holidays to purchase my prized possession, one I've been longing for and drooling over for the past year and a half: my 12" iBook lappy :)
  • My clinical placement this semester have the best nursing staff I've ever been a part of - honest to God. Last semester was awesome 'cause I enjoyed the mental health field but this year is definitely up there...ranked 1B. I have never had so much fun on a floor and learn at the same time, with a minimal amount of pressure on my back when I perform nursing skills. Best part of my job: having a lot of opportunities to have conversations with almost every patient that walks in our unit. I could not have had a better clinical year - both 3rd year placements were brilliant!
  • Both groups I'm a part of for different classes have simply been great. I have been very fortunate to work with individuals who are respectful and mindful of group cohesiveness and chemistry. I could not have asked for better group members this semester.
  • I was initially broke in the beginning of the year because of my lappy but since Lent began, I have been saving up money - more money than I've seen in a long long time in my bank account. I gave up "buying stuff", anything that wasn't food or school related.
  • I don't have any lumps and my cholesterol is just borderline under the normal range (it's 5.12 and "normal" for adult is <5.2)
  • I can finally eat "normally" with my braces on...well as close to normal as possible. I can chew cookies! The crunchy ones I love.
  • I haven't been hooked on a game since Anarchy Online. This is a good thing because a game no longer consumes my time. However, I have found something else to replace it with of course: surfing the web. I have become an information enthusiast - I really enjoy reading articles online: news articles, not journal ones.
  • I learned (on my own!) how to make creme brulee, and creme brulee that is edible and good! I get to torch up my coating and it's so much fun doing that.
  • I haven't been consumed by television this semester, not even by Family Guy episodes. This is also a good thing because I am prevented from wasting more time (30-60 minutes at a time). However I have replaced tv with the play by play broadcast of my beloved sports teams: Toronto Raptors and Montreal Canadiens.
  • The HABS are en route to making the playoffs and the Leafs are not. The Raptors have a great future ahead of them, especially with the emergence of Bosh and Villanueva and the signing of Bryan Colangelo.
  • My guitar lessons are going well and I feel more confident barrring chords than before I took them.
Now don't misunderstand me or this particular blog. These bullet points are merely highlights of the good stuff that have occurred in my life since the start of 2006. However, a lot of bad has also come and gone but I won't bother trying to remember those. All I do know is that I feel as close to healthy as I can be, the sun is shining outside, the temperatures are slowly rising, summertime is upon us, exams are nearing by, school is almost over.

As stressful it has been for me this month of Nursing March madness, I really can't and shouldn't complain. Life does not get any better than this, once I stepped back and looked at what I have accomplished and received. I can only wish that everyone else out there feels the same way as I do, no matter how exhausted and stressed I am at the moment.

*I still have to write my 10 page paper + another 4 page essay for 7am*


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