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New way to waste time

Now, why did I ever bother clicking on the "next blog" link on the top right corner of this page? I have discovered a new way to kill precious time, which should be spent on important school work. I keep browsing other random strangers' blogs, commenting on some, while skipping others. I enjoy the ones with pictures and it makes me realize how text-y my blogs are. I don't care though, it's not a popularity contest for me. Hell, I don't even give a rat's arse if nobody reads what I write. Blogging relieves a small portion of my stress and anxiety. So the more words I type, the better I'm off, the more I'm "relaxed" (not really but it's the placebo effect).

Isn't this the truth?
[courtesy of kuza55]


Blogger Ant. said...

Hehe, I like it!

03 December, 2005 20:07  

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