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Money is Evil

Isn't it?

So much to spend in the coming 2 desperate to earn some ca$h...

I've got relatives [maybe and hopefully] coming over from New Jersey, Florida, Guam, and Australia. It would be AWESOME if they did! I would spend my entire savings on them...okay maybe not the entire thing, but it sure will be damn close to it. I would especially buy so many things for my godson. I hope my cousin from Australia can make it here. I would show my cousin around Toronto, Niagra Falls, all over this town. If possible, I would take a trip to Montreal and provide a tour there as well! Either way, I'm going to visit my Australian cousin there down under once I've graduated. And for that trip, I require a lot of money.

No Christmas gifts for my immediate family or friends. Only colleagues and relatives this year! Hell, I don't even have money to buy something for myself! I really want my 12" iBook AND a Europe trip! Christmas is so close, I can taste it!

*My last exam is Monday, December 12th @ 6:30pm. How awesome is that? One whole month of vacation. Fuck yeah!!!


Blogger Ant. said...

Oh Miss Rose, I am shocked with the filthy language... tsk tsk :)

03 December, 2005 20:04  

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