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Les Mis

Les Miserables was awesome!!! Everything and I mean everything was so great! Fast-paced storyline, great songs, interesting characters, moving plot, beautiful harmonies, live gun shots - what more could I ask for? I loved this musical, especially since I was 7 rows back of the stage and in the centre. Now I plan on renting Les Miserables - English and French - because I want to see it again and hear the songs once more. I was brought to tears on a few occasions but I held them back. The performances by each actor were so moving, the way they sang the songs, the way they moved on the stage - I will never forget.

*2 thumbs up*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you sure the movies are musicals??? >_<
Just tell me in RL b/c I'm not coming back to your blog :P
I am not googling the answers.

04 November, 2005 11:37  
Blogger Emz said...

anonymous - I was told by Mel that there are 2 versions: the musical AND the movie. I plan on renting both!

04 November, 2005 13:31  

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