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Update [Nursing]

Body Worlds 2

This exhibit...


Update [Entertainment]

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire yesterday @ 11:55pm

The movie...


Update [Sports]

Raptors vs Sonics

I really HOPE...

Alouettes are heading to the Eastern Final!

One positive outcome...


Christmas in a Cup

Peppermint Hot Chocolates are back at Starbucks! Huzzah! I have been waiting for this beverage for 6 months now. I bought myself a Venti size Peppermint hot chocolate today as well as a Tall Gingerbread Latte. Mmmmmmm, talk about good drinks!

I also purchased tickets to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for this Thursday November 17 @ 11:55pm. I am so excited to watch this movie, it is ridiculous! I'll have to take a night bus to get home after the movie but who cares? Not to mention, I have class at 8am on Friday! Hehe. At least I'll be with a handful of people when I go see this movie so I won't be alone in passing out in class
on Friday! Look out for my review of this movie:

Update [Sports]

HABS vs Leafs (round 3; 1-1)

The rivalry continues...


Updates [Sports, Nursing]

HABS vs Lightning = HABS WIN

It's a rematch of...

It's the most horrible time of the year

Essay week..


Do you know where you're going to

I do. At least, I think I'm on the right track. Since I am thoroughly enjoying my semester thus far, I am inclined to serve the community as a *cross my fingers* Registered Nurse. Maybe my clinical setting next semester may change my mind, if it does, then that means I would prefer to work with the mental health and homeless population whether it's in the hospital or the community. I used to want to work with children, that belief was easily eliminated when I realized that I cannot bear to see a child suffer. Then I thought about working in ER but I guess I'm not up for the fast paced lifestyle I used to know and love. All of a sudden, I was left with no goal, no future, nothing to look forward to. Thankfully, through volunteer work, I found a niche I am comfortable in: the streets. I still have a long way to go but I feel I know where I should be heading.

I hope many of you have found your paths in life and if not, I wish you all the best.


Updates [Nursing, Sports]

Fall 2005 Exam Schedule

Last day of classes...

Raptors vs Cavaliers

Lebron James is an awesome...

Money is Evil

Isn't it?

So much to spend in the coming 2 desperate to earn some ca$h...

I've got relatives [maybe and hopefully] coming over from New Jersey, Florida, Guam, and Australia. It would be AWESOME if they did! I would spend my entire savings on them...okay maybe not the entire thing, but it sure will be damn close to it. I would especially buy so many things for my godson. I hope my cousin from Australia can make it here. I would show my cousin around Toronto, Niagra Falls, all over this town. If possible, I would take a trip to Montreal and provide a tour there as well! Either way, I'm going to visit my Australian cousin there down under once I've graduated. And for that trip, I require a lot of money.

No Christmas gifts for my immediate family or friends. Only colleagues and relatives this year! Hell, I don't even have money to buy something for myself! I really want my 12" iBook AND a Europe trip! Christmas is so close, I can taste it!

*My last exam is Monday, December 12th @ 6:30pm. How awesome is that? One whole month of vacation. Fuck yeah!!!


Another weekend gone by

Another week to look forward to:

  • of school,
  • of work,
  • of stress,
  • of fatigue,
  • of extracurricular activities or lack thereof,
  • of clients,
  • of no sleep
  • of procrastination
  • of no tv
  • of HABS games
  • of Raptors games
Joy [sarcasm]. I can only look forward to my sports games [no sarcasm].

Updates [Entertainment, Sports, Nursing]

Goblet of Fire - London premiere

I was watching a live...

3-1 for the weekend predictions

Raptors lost both...

I've never had this mark before

I can't believe...


Updates [Nursing]

What a Beautiful Day

It's a day in November...

The Life of a Procrastinator

I just finished...


Les Mis

Les Miserables was awesome!!! Everything and I mean everything was so great! Fast-paced storyline, great songs, interesting characters, moving plot, beautiful harmonies, live gun shots - what more could I ask for? I loved this musical, especially since I was 7 rows back of the stage and in the centre. Now I plan on renting Les Miserables - English and French - because I want to see it again and hear the songs once more. I was brought to tears on a few occasions but I held them back. The performances by each actor were so moving, the way they sang the songs, the way they moved on the stage - I will never forget.

*2 thumbs up*


I hate mornings. Any type of morning, Monday, Tuesday, Sunday - they all suck. Morning for me is anything before 1pm. If I could wake up after 1pm everyday, I think I would enjoy life better - at least from a waking up stand point. Waking up at 6:30am for school...why? I know that some people even have to wake up at 5am! Ugh, I remember those days all too well... I guess that would be my consolation - knowing that I can wake up a little later and not necessarily be late because I don't live as far as I used to.

I'm a night person, all the way. I would say my brain peaks between 8pm and 3am. Too bad I use those times to do stuff like blogs and browse the internet. If night became day and day turned to night, I wonder how I'd be then?



I've particularly grown to love jazz these past couple of weeks, during my stressing weeks. This type of music really alleviated some pressure I have felt on my shoulders concerning school and such. I'm glad I've become fond of jazz, it makes a difference in one's feelings when one has great music to turn to during tough times. I have continued to listen to jazz because it's simply soothing. I look forward to writing my essays in the coming weeks listening to more jazz.

Jazz rocks.

Updates [Sports, Entertainment]

Raptors season game opener

Tonight will be...

Les Miserables

I am SO excited...


New way to waste time

Now, why did I ever bother clicking on the "next blog" link on the top right corner of this page? I have discovered a new way to kill precious time, which should be spent on important school work. I keep browsing other random strangers' blogs, commenting on some, while skipping others. I enjoy the ones with pictures and it makes me realize how text-y my blogs are. I don't care though, it's not a popularity contest for me. Hell, I don't even give a rat's arse if nobody reads what I write. Blogging relieves a small portion of my stress and anxiety. So the more words I type, the better I'm off, the more I'm "relaxed" (not really but it's the placebo effect).

Isn't this the truth?
[courtesy of kuza55]

Updates [Sports, Entertainment, Nursing]

Avenge the loss!

HABS need to win this game...

Guitar Lessons - Woot!

I can't wait! I'm starting...

Clinical experience

I am loving my...