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Televison - what's that?

Ever since school has begun, my summer time routine has been ruined: sleeping in, playing Anarchy Online all day and night, watching late night documentaries, sleeping some more.

Who knew that 3rd year nursing was full of work? I thought it was going to be easier - I guess not. But maybe that's because I've taken up more responsibilities due to my free time. The good thing about this year is that the work does not seem to be as heavy as last year - where everything seemed to be a pass or fail, 10 page papers were due all in the same week, some teachers and classes...were not enjoyable either.

I was all about tv prior to the start of school in September: I knew which show was premiering when, etc. Now I don't even watch tv - I haven't since the end of September and I don't think I will get a chance to do so until exam week begins in 7-8 weeks? I don't even watch the shows which I deem important: Family Guy, Simpsons, American Dad, The OC, Lost, House, CSI, ER. I guess the ONLY thing I have been watching (when I am not working) is Hockey Night in Canada when the Habs play. Otherwise, I don't even remember television shows exist anymore...

Thank goodness for online radio to keep me company (the smooth sounds of Jazz), as well as free play-by-play for the Raptors games and the Canadiens games.


Anonymous "Marteh" said...

You and your TV :P
When will you realize it really isn't important at all? :P

24 October, 2005 01:11  
Blogger Emz said...

"marteh" - that is one man's opinion =P I refuse to give in to that thought, never!

24 October, 2005 21:12  

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