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Retreat at home: Home away from Home

It felt awesome to get away from the school environment for a couple of days and go home. I chilled on my couch, watched television (mostly CSI), and relaxed. For once in my life in what it seemed like a very long time, I was able to watch tv mindlessly without thinking about an assignment or an exam or a clinical incident. I was watching late night movies until 3am Saturday morning, went to bed and woke up past 7pm that same evening.

16 hours of sleep on Saturday. That's what I'm talking about!

I picked up my wireless keyboard + mouse and my alarm clock, then watched 2 hours of Simpsons halloween specials, the hockey game, and more late night movies.

The past 2 days have been wonderful! But now it's back to school life, back to work. Another 3 weeks of stress with my upcoming papers and portfolio to do.

Then of course, exam time and then Christmas! Yay!!!


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