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Pups are therapeutic

Thanks for the comments and keeping me busy - having something to read.

And yes no kidding, procrastination should be a disorder or something to treat. It seems to be many individuals' nightmare. I actually had to block my internet to get me the hell off my computer earlier to READ for my psych midterm tomorrow morning! Instead, guess what I did? I fell here I am now groggy, just having woken up...

Time to cram chapters 2-10 (worth about 50 pages each) in the next few hours, then write a paper, work on a handout and script -> all before Monday. WHY do I do this to myself? Every-freakin-time!

I have decided to post a picture of something soothing everytime I feel an anxiety attack coming over me...this puppy will be the first of many pictures. [courtesy of]


Blogger Ant. said...

It's human nature to leave things to the last minute... at least it's my nature!

Personally, I find it easier to concentrate on one small task at a time rather than looking at the whole project and start panicing.

I hope the advice helps :)

23 October, 2005 19:21  
Blogger Emz said...

ant - I will attempt to do that and return to the basics of studying: baby steps - 1 at a time =) Thanks!

23 October, 2005 19:55  

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