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Monday - down, 4 to go

The psych midterm was not bad, it was actually real good. I'm glad I gave myself 2 hours of sleep instead of pulling an all nighter. On the bright side, I am going to watch a play tomorrow evening: Dame Edna - Back with a vengeance. And here's the best part: the ticket costs $12!!! I still have so many papers to write, but frankly WHO CARES?!? Tomorrow's outing will be the first one I have gone to since school has started. I'm not complaining about that since I don't have money to spend to go anywhere anyway, but geez for 12 bucks? You can never go wrong, in my opinion.

My mom is over my apartment right now to bring us food and clothes - we're 2 poor souls in need of donations, it seems. She's currently cooking me dinner because my sorry ass has no time to cook these days so my insides are eating away at my insides. I'd use a biological term but frankly, I would probably use the wrong one - so much for being a future nurse.

Time to cram back to essay work!

ps. My stress level is nearly reaching its peak
at the moment. Lack of sleep (2 hours today) + Frustration of writing a pointless paper + Knowing I need to wake up at 7am tomorrow for clinical practice + Knowing I will most likely sleep late tonight because of this paper + Having to find more articles for my reflection due this Friday + Knowing that my time to write my reflection is limited this week due to my outings + Preparing for my Needle Exchange Program presentation this Friday + Not having my honeydew bubble tea powder at my disposable = Stress levels are bursting out of my therapeutic range and about to break through the toxic levels


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