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Laughter is truly the best medicine, eh Dame Edna?

And Dame Edna sure proved that tonight. The play Dame Edna: Back with a Vengeance was FREAKIN HIL-AR-I-OUS!!!! I cannot emphasize those last 2 words enough!

From start to finish, I was el-em-a-oh-ing (lmao'ing = laughing my ass off). By the end of the play, I was in tears, I was constantly wiping them away because I was laughing so hard. That was the best $12 I have EVER spent in my life! What-a-deal!!!

I would definitely recommend this play to anyone who enjoys laughing and I wish I could watch it again before she leaves Toronto. If I had the money, I would watch her again and shell out the $100+ to sit in the front row on the main floor so I can get picked on and go up on stage with her to perform as one of her family members. That bit was the funniest part of the show! But the "counselling the couple" on stage and calling the wife's mother live and having the whole audience listen to it was equally funny! So many moments and hilarious quotes - I can't even describe them all!

Go watch this show if you have a chance dammit!!! You will NOT regret it!

In honour of Dame Edna's hair colour, I have chosen to purplize this blog =P


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Emz,

You are so right about Dame Edna. I saw her last show. She/he is a frigging riot! I bought my parents tickets to this show for their anniversary (Nov. 1). It's good to know the show won't be disappointing for them. Hey Harry Potter ads are now on the Buses/Streetcars. I can't wait!!!


26 October, 2005 11:21  
Blogger Emz said...

22 days, 12 hours, 22 minutes until Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is coming on screen!!! Hehehe, I have yet to see those ads on the TTC but for sure I will be looking out for them starting today!

I wish I wasn't so busy this week with school, otherwise I would have taken advantage of another $12 ticket to Dame Edna's show in Toronto. She called us - people on the upper balcony - "paupers" and the "mezzies" because we're Les Miserables with our poverty! Hahahaha - HILARIOUS!

26 October, 2005 12:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched the play with Emz, in the poor seats :) but I quickly forgot about the uncomfortable and high seating when the show started! It was sooooooooooooo funny, she's was so great! She insults people in the most polite and non-aggravating way ^_^

26 October, 2005 14:52  

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