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Holiday in November

We had Labour Day in September

We had Thanksgiving in October

Do we have one in November?

I know that Remembrance Day is November 11 but I don't think we actually get a day off from that. I strongly feel that every month, there should be at LEAST 1 day off. Why? You need a day to relax or to catch up on life or finish assignments or study for an exam or do some readings. Just that ONE day will be a blessing. There should be one in November because that is when many assignments and essays are due. Frankly waiting for December to come around is way too long because between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are essays, presentations, reflections, assignments, portfolios, performance appraisals, etc., in between. I need a breather during those 50+ days.

Does anyone agree with me? One day off a month - at least.


Blogger Ant. said...

That's what "sick" days are for :)

27 October, 2005 18:31  
Blogger Emz said...

Hehehe, great point ;)

27 October, 2005 21:43  

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