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Happy Halloween

I miss those days when Halloween was about dressing up, going door to door, and collecting bags of candy. Now, at 21, Halloween is a whole new meaning: it's like any other school day. To prove this, I just got home - from a night class. I have to get up early tomorrow to go to my clinical placement, meaning I will have to sleep early tonight since I have a hard time opening my eyes. On top of that, I have work due tomorrow for my placement and at least work on my learning plan that I have to hand in to my placement.

Sigh, I miss those innocent days of Halloween: getting home, emptying my bags which my mom carried for me, putting aside the "good candy", trading my "crappy candy", and rotting my teeth away the rest of the week. Those were the days.


Blogger erika said...

hey! its nice to meet you! glad you liked my post of halloween fun with my family, I hope you had an awesome one too, even if you didn't get to go trick or treating (I seriously miss those days too -garbage bags full of candy from being out all night trying to get as much loot as possible.. ahh, goodtimes!) and I totally hear you about school - midterms on halloween..

01 November, 2005 13:41  
Blogger Emz said...

erika - They need to make a Halloween for adults, whether it's held at school/university/college or at the workplace! Grown ups need candy too!

01 November, 2005 17:39  

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