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Anarchy Online MMORPG

I miss playing AO. It has consumed my life since last December 2004. My entire summer consisted of anarchy online - morning, afternoon, evening. Now it seems like I have nothing to replace that void. I guess I could play Fallout or The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap or Warcraft II. For some reason, I am not interested in picking up any of those games right now. I have nothing taking up my time when I am not busy with school work. Perhaps this is a good thing so that I can keep up with my readings. However I need a game to keep my mind occupied when I get really stressed. Television can only do so much for me since there aren't many shows I want to watch and they are all usually in the evening, when it's crunch time. So I never watch tv during those times.

I need a new free MMORPG...I welcome any suggestions.


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