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1.5 hours later...

Here I am, on this site, still changing settings and the like...I will be soon having a panic attack due to my psych midterm being tomorrow morning, as well as a presentation, reflection paper, essay, group facilitation all due this week - not to mention my clinical placement workload.

I need to create a work mentality for myself today - block myself from all internet activities for the next 4-6 weeks --> these will be period of trials and tribulations. My parents will be lucky if they hear from me during this time...

Oh well, it's lunch time. I need to repress my sorrows with good food now.


Blogger Ant. said...

Oh no!

Only a few hours blogging and you're already catching "bloggintivitis procrastinitis" (or something along those lines)

Welcome to the club :)

23 October, 2005 13:14  
Anonymous vanessa said...

hi emy!

yes, im procrastinating like i found time to check out anything i can get my hands on. hehe. :P but yeah...too much due this coming weeks its crazy.

23 October, 2005 13:56  
Blogger Mirna said...

hey Emz, I am procrastinating as well instead of studying for my MHR midterm it is tomorrow morning
I tell you this internet thing is very contagious because you can't stop being on it ... so much to do so little time

23 October, 2005 16:38  
Anonymous Lorraine said...


HOw are you? There's too much writing on your page. I read all of two sentences. Anyways, I hope you're doing well and sleeping lots like usual. Call me bum! You have the number. Otherwise, email me. Otherwise, I will call YOU. Ok, later bum!


23 October, 2005 17:36  
Blogger Emz said...

Hahaha everyone seems to be procrastinating because they have something important tomorrow! Way to go!

23 October, 2005 18:40  
Blogger Emz said...

lorraine - As you can see, I'm doing okay =) Just read my page dammit because there's no time to e-mail =P Let me know if you're still alive and well in school!

23 October, 2005 18:45  

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