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Happy Halloween

I miss those days when Halloween was about dressing up, going door to door, and collecting bags of candy. Now, at 21, Halloween is a whole new meaning: it's like any other school day. To prove this, I just got home - from a night class. I have to get up early tomorrow to go to my clinical placement, meaning I will have to sleep early tonight since I have a hard time opening my eyes. On top of that, I have work due tomorrow for my placement and at least work on my learning plan that I have to hand in to my placement.

Sigh, I miss those innocent days of Halloween: getting home, emptying my bags which my mom carried for me, putting aside the "good candy", trading my "crappy candy", and rotting my teeth away the rest of the week. Those were the days.

Need a new pill on the market

Since everyone seems to be coming up with pills for everything today, there is a need for one that will keep oneself working on a consistent basis, whether it is job related, school related, or household chore related.

I find myself getting distracted really easily when I'm working on school projects. When I get up to stretch then return to my work, I find myself feeling lethargic towards the work needed to be done. I'll choose to do something else in the meantime and then go back to work again an hour or 2 later. Now why couldn't I have just continued my school work instead of doing other things and could have had my project finished 2 hours earlier? Is it a psychological thing? Or is it just plain 'normal' to act in this fashion?

  • If you figure it out, let me know.
  • If you already have a solution, let me know.
  • If you find meds for this problem, let me know.


Anarchy Online MMORPG

I miss playing AO. It has consumed my life since last December 2004. My entire summer consisted of anarchy online - morning, afternoon, evening. Now it seems like I have nothing to replace that void. I guess I could play Fallout or The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap or Warcraft II. For some reason, I am not interested in picking up any of those games right now. I have nothing taking up my time when I am not busy with school work. Perhaps this is a good thing so that I can keep up with my readings. However I need a game to keep my mind occupied when I get really stressed. Television can only do so much for me since there aren't many shows I want to watch and they are all usually in the evening, when it's crunch time. So I never watch tv during those times.

I need a new free MMORPG...I welcome any suggestions.

Retreat at home: Home away from Home

It felt awesome to get away from the school environment for a couple of days and go home. I chilled on my couch, watched television (mostly CSI), and relaxed. For once in my life in what it seemed like a very long time, I was able to watch tv mindlessly without thinking about an assignment or an exam or a clinical incident. I was watching late night movies until 3am Saturday morning, went to bed and woke up past 7pm that same evening.

16 hours of sleep on Saturday. That's what I'm talking about!

I picked up my wireless keyboard + mouse and my alarm clock, then watched 2 hours of Simpsons halloween specials, the hockey game, and more late night movies.

The past 2 days have been wonderful! But now it's back to school life, back to work. Another 3 weeks of stress with my upcoming papers and portfolio to do.

Then of course, exam time and then Christmas! Yay!!!


Blog Updates [Sports, Entertainment, Nursing]

From this day forth, I will post an update here if I wrote a blog in one of my other blog pages. You don't need to read it if the theme doesn't interest you. It's just my way of getting my other pages exposure. Hehe a little advertisement on my part.

Reflections - are they really worth doing?

I have a clinical reflection to write for tomorrow morning and yet I sit here and type...


I love free movies! Good thing movie screenings exist...

50 yard kick = $1,000,000

This guy who won a Wendy's contest...

HABS lose to Ottawa

Bah. I didn't even get to make a prediction...

Holiday in November

We had Labour Day in September

We had Thanksgiving in October

Do we have one in November?

I know that Remembrance Day is November 11 but I don't think we actually get a day off from that. I strongly feel that every month, there should be at LEAST 1 day off. Why? You need a day to relax or to catch up on life or finish assignments or study for an exam or do some readings. Just that ONE day will be a blessing. There should be one in November because that is when many assignments and essays are due. Frankly waiting for December to come around is way too long because between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are essays, presentations, reflections, assignments, portfolios, performance appraisals, etc., in between. I need a breather during those 50+ days.

Does anyone agree with me? One day off a month - at least.


Laughter is truly the best medicine, eh Dame Edna?

And Dame Edna sure proved that tonight. The play Dame Edna: Back with a Vengeance was FREAKIN HIL-AR-I-OUS!!!! I cannot emphasize those last 2 words enough!

From start to finish, I was el-em-a-oh-ing (lmao'ing = laughing my ass off). By the end of the play, I was in tears, I was constantly wiping them away because I was laughing so hard. That was the best $12 I have EVER spent in my life! What-a-deal!!!

I would definitely recommend this play to anyone who enjoys laughing and I wish I could watch it again before she leaves Toronto. If I had the money, I would watch her again and shell out the $100+ to sit in the front row on the main floor so I can get picked on and go up on stage with her to perform as one of her family members. That bit was the funniest part of the show! But the "counselling the couple" on stage and calling the wife's mother live and having the whole audience listen to it was equally funny! So many moments and hilarious quotes - I can't even describe them all!

Go watch this show if you have a chance dammit!!! You will NOT regret it!

In honour of Dame Edna's hair colour, I have chosen to purplize this blog =P

This blog site is the sh!t

Yay I just added a new blog site: You can access my blogs there by clicking on "My Profile" or my picture, then scroll down and click on "Sports Talk" under Blog Name.

I have a feeling I will be adding many more blog topics to come in the near future. As most of you know, I will DEFINITELY be having one dedicated to television and movies. I hope you will enjoy reading my blogs of various subjects as much as I enjoy writing them, as a means of procrastination.

Comment as often as you would like on any blog and be sure to check back within a couple of days on your comments because I will be sure to reply to them. Any questions or concerns you may have about my blogs, please contact me by clicking "Email" on my Profile page. Thank you.

Back to work, as usual

I woke up this morning with a headache, I didn't go to bed til 3am because I was finishing my paper. Then I had to get up at 7 to go to my clinical placement. Today has been a very long day - I think I walked during most of the day actually. For those unaware, I am working in a mental health clinic downtown and I do client home and inpatient visits. My job varies every week: shopping, activities of daily living, outings, bloodwork, library, money pick up, medication delivery, etc.

Today was freakin cold and windy plus it was raining. Fun times out in the cold weather walking downtown. On the bright side, I am going to see a theatrical play this evening and I hope it will take my mind off my day and all my troubles and worries. Don't disappoint me Dame Edna!


Monday - down, 4 to go

The psych midterm was not bad, it was actually real good. I'm glad I gave myself 2 hours of sleep instead of pulling an all nighter. On the bright side, I am going to watch a play tomorrow evening: Dame Edna - Back with a vengeance. And here's the best part: the ticket costs $12!!! I still have so many papers to write, but frankly WHO CARES?!? Tomorrow's outing will be the first one I have gone to since school has started. I'm not complaining about that since I don't have money to spend to go anywhere anyway, but geez for 12 bucks? You can never go wrong, in my opinion.

My mom is over my apartment right now to bring us food and clothes - we're 2 poor souls in need of donations, it seems. She's currently cooking me dinner because my sorry ass has no time to cook these days so my insides are eating away at my insides. I'd use a biological term but frankly, I would probably use the wrong one - so much for being a future nurse.

Time to cram back to essay work!

ps. My stress level is nearly reaching its peak
at the moment. Lack of sleep (2 hours today) + Frustration of writing a pointless paper + Knowing I need to wake up at 7am tomorrow for clinical practice + Knowing I will most likely sleep late tonight because of this paper + Having to find more articles for my reflection due this Friday + Knowing that my time to write my reflection is limited this week due to my outings + Preparing for my Needle Exchange Program presentation this Friday + Not having my honeydew bubble tea powder at my disposable = Stress levels are bursting out of my therapeutic range and about to break through the toxic levels


Televison - what's that?

Ever since school has begun, my summer time routine has been ruined: sleeping in, playing Anarchy Online all day and night, watching late night documentaries, sleeping some more.

Who knew that 3rd year nursing was full of work? I thought it was going to be easier - I guess not. But maybe that's because I've taken up more responsibilities due to my free time. The good thing about this year is that the work does not seem to be as heavy as last year - where everything seemed to be a pass or fail, 10 page papers were due all in the same week, some teachers and classes...were not enjoyable either.

I was all about tv prior to the start of school in September: I knew which show was premiering when, etc. Now I don't even watch tv - I haven't since the end of September and I don't think I will get a chance to do so until exam week begins in 7-8 weeks? I don't even watch the shows which I deem important: Family Guy, Simpsons, American Dad, The OC, Lost, House, CSI, ER. I guess the ONLY thing I have been watching (when I am not working) is Hockey Night in Canada when the Habs play. Otherwise, I don't even remember television shows exist anymore...

Thank goodness for online radio to keep me company (the smooth sounds of Jazz), as well as free play-by-play for the Raptors games and the Canadiens games.

Pups are therapeutic

Thanks for the comments and keeping me busy - having something to read.

And yes no kidding, procrastination should be a disorder or something to treat. It seems to be many individuals' nightmare. I actually had to block my internet to get me the hell off my computer earlier to READ for my psych midterm tomorrow morning! Instead, guess what I did? I fell here I am now groggy, just having woken up...

Time to cram chapters 2-10 (worth about 50 pages each) in the next few hours, then write a paper, work on a handout and script -> all before Monday. WHY do I do this to myself? Every-freakin-time!

I have decided to post a picture of something soothing everytime I feel an anxiety attack coming over me...this puppy will be the first of many pictures. [courtesy of]

1.5 hours later...

Here I am, on this site, still changing settings and the like...I will be soon having a panic attack due to my psych midterm being tomorrow morning, as well as a presentation, reflection paper, essay, group facilitation all due this week - not to mention my clinical placement workload.

I need to create a work mentality for myself today - block myself from all internet activities for the next 4-6 weeks --> these will be period of trials and tribulations. My parents will be lucky if they hear from me during this time...

Oh well, it's lunch time. I need to repress my sorrows with good food now.

My 1st blog

I am of course doing this blog nonesense to spite my school work. Once again, I have found a new and non productive way to procrastinate. When will this madness stop?

As for this blog site, I currently have another one but the website is in the process of being revamped so I have nowhere to rant and rave about current issues in my life. Therefore, thanks to Google, I have been given a 2nd chance!

I am excited to start a new "blog life" here and look forward to read and write blogs again!